Successful Launch

It’s really rewarding to see a project go live. Late last year I build and launched an online portal for a client. Over the past 10 months we registered 14k users. These users are already customers of the client, but historically have had to mail in checks and paper forms.

Last week we launched the online equivalent of these checks and forms. I was the sole developer of the external-facing application. I was worried when we turned it live that we wouldn’t see any traffic for a while…but someone started using it literally within seconds. We’ve had thousands of people using it this week.

So, had a fun little trial-by-fire thing last week with : hitting bank CC authorization limits, DB indexing, deadlocks, deploys, etc. In general though, everything worked really well and it was a complete success. 5 more came through while I was typing this. We crossed $150k over the weekend!

It’s a great feeling to work hard and have it pay off.